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Announcement: As of 1/1/09, The Crafts Fair Guide
is no longer in print and is now part of our parent publication, Craftmaster News.
For the latest event listings and reviews, please visit
please visit www.CraftmasterNews.com

Contact the Crafts Fair Guide

PO BOX 39429
DOWNEY, CA 90239-0429
NO. CAL PHONE: 415-924-3259
SO. CAL PHONE: 562-869-5882
Email:  info@craftsfairguide.com

The opinions in the reviews are not the opinions of the staff of The Guide. They are the opinions of the artists and craftspeople who participated in the shows, and many subscribers send us reviews of every show they do.

When you become a CFG subscriber, you’ll be part of this very important community voice, sharing your experiences as others share theirs with you. We include an Evaluation Form with every issue. You may make as many copies as you need.

Better yet, to save time and paper you can submit all of your craft show evaluations on line. 

Click Here for the Evaluation Page
Click Here for the printable (pdf) version of the form.

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