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Announcement: As of 1/1/09, The Crafts Fair Guide
is no longer in print and is now part of our parent publication, Craftmaster News.
For the latest event listings and reviews, please visit
please visit www.CraftmasterNews.com

Crafts Fair Guide Testimonials

I don't know how I could plan my show circuit without the Crafts Fair Guide.  The comments about the shows written by the participants are so valuable!

I can't help but feel so appreciative for the immense work it must take to compile the Guide.  We have gained so much this year from using the Crafts Fair Guide to pick the best shows in our area.  Our success has doubled!  Maybe if more crafters and artists used the Guide, they would not be so discouraged as some seem to be.  Well worth the investment when you subscribe to the Crafts Fair Guide!

I am grateful for The Guide...(It) has brought our sales up a consistent $800 per show (average this year).  Thank you for all your good work.

"Reading The Guide is like sharing knowledge with 1,000 close   friends.  We’ve learned enough to double our income in just over a year.  Thanks!" L.M.

"Because of your Guide, we avoided  a season with [a particular promoter], a really difficult person.  Who knew? You guys did!" 

"Well, you’ve helped us find two more winning shows. Thanks to the Crafts Fair Guide, we’ve now got the confidence to quit our day jobs and go full time next season." 

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