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Would You Like to Increase Your SALES?

Announcing The Crafts Fair Guide's Web Sales Accelerator

  • Do you have a web site that doesn't deliver any sales or leads?
  • Do you need a web site - cheap?
  • Do you need a high quality external link to boost your web site's search results and traffic?

We Can Help!  (See Sample Listing.)

Here's what you get:

  • A premium listing in the Crafts Fair Guide Directory of Links
  • Exposure to the thousands of visitors who come to www.CraftsFairGuide.com looking for information about upcoming crafts fairs.
  • Your own one-page web site which includes:
    • 4 pictures of your work
    • 250 words of descriptive text
    • All of your contact information
    • A keyword-rich link to your web site (if you have one)
    • Your own Web Site Address in the form: www.CraftsFairGuide.com/artists/yourname

All of this for only $89 / year!
Sign up now to lock in this Special Introductory Rate.

Standard web site hosting alone costs $20 / month at a major provider like Earthlink PLUS the cost of building a site. Our program is the lowest-cost way to build a primary or secondary traffic-feeder web site to boost your sales.

Why You Need a Web Sales Accelerator Site:

If you don't have a web site: If you already have a web site:
  • You can get a web presence for a price that is too low to pass up.
  • Allow visitors to your booth to "think about it" and actually have a way to see your work again – and call to order - after they go home.
  • Benefit from traffic that the crafts fair guide visitors can send to you.
  • By having a highly relevant external link to your own web site, you will boost your ranking on Google and other major search engines.

Complete custom web site design available. – Including search engine optimization services and e-commerce – starting at $800.

For More Information, Email: Ken@CraftsFairGuide.com


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