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Crafts Fair Guide Featured Artist:
Janet Jacobs Pottery

Janet Jacobs Pottery - Ojai, CAJanet Jacobs has been working with clay since 1986. Her pottery has been shown in many southern California art shows and galleries. She is a member of the Ventura County Potters Guild. Janet lives in the serene Ojai Valley.

Her functional decorative hand-crafted vases are one of a kind. The glazes are bright and the shapes are unique. Each vase comes with a pin frog glued to the bottom. The vases are designed with a low center of gravity and occupy a small amount of space.

Click for a larger version of this color chart.These Ikebana vases are available to purchase on-line  and are the perfect compliment to Ikebana floral arrangements. A single vase with one to three flowers will add color and life to a corner desk or designer kitchen. A display containing multiple vases will add joy and elegance as wedding center pieces and dining table arrangements. They will enhance the decor in restaurants, homes and offices.

Janet Jacobs produces each one of these hand thrown vases and saucers in her studio in Ojai, CA.  These are glazed with exciting colors and offered to you at extremely discounted pricing.

Hand made pottery vase for Ikebana flower arranging.Take advantage of these great low prices from $15 to $45 and order several of our Ikebana vases  to keep on hand for a wonderful gift for any friend or acquaintance. 

One of Janet’s vases with a few flowers will add color and life to a desk, designer kitchen or bathroom. Using several of Janet’s vases in a grouping will create joy and elegance as wedding center pieces and dining table arrangements. Décor in restaurants, the workplace or any social gathering will be enhanced by Janet’s vases.

Not only are the prices of these hand crafted works of art very low, our shipping rates are kept as low as possible, too!  (Only $4.95 shipping for orders up to $35!)

Janet Jacobs Pottery
Ojai, CA


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